The Princess Handbook


18th Nov 2009

Wednesday // 12am // 4 years ago

Princess Links

Domestic craft is an ever important skill for a Princess. I find it to be a charming appearance; a girl dressed in her most princess outfit, sitting peacefully while working. I personally choose knitting, I enjoy the feminine appearance and how useful it can be. Here are a few favorite project ideas fit for any Princess.

  • Dom Klary is a Polish site that supplies a bit of helpful English to help you navigate, as well as patterns in English. It’s home to many beautiful fibre projects. My personal favourite are the gloves.
  • Midnight Knitter supplies a lovely crochet pattern for a crown that also makes a lovely necklace.
  • At Elann they have a felted birdhouse purse! It’s the cutest thing I’ve seen in quite some time and I think it’s suitable for any Faery Princess!
  • Knitty has all sorts of awesome projects that can be useful to any type of Prince or Princess, but my favourite from them are the knitted drawers called Unmentionables I can see spending time in the bed chambers with my Prince while lounging in them with a cute lace cami. They also have the pattern sized for little girls! Makes me wish I had a daughter.